Tarboro Market Rules & Regulations

Required Certifications & Inspections

  1. A vendor’s market privileges may be suspended for the remainder of the year, if determined that vendor has willfully abused the “market-certification” process.
  2. Vendors selling food items that are prepared or cooked off-site are required to provide evidence of an kitchen inspection performed by the Food and Drug Protection Division of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. These food items must be labeled with the vendor’s name and its ingredients.
  3. Quality handmade craft items may be sold at the market, provided they are approved in advance.
  4. Vendors selling items other than unprocessed agricultural items that they actually produce, must provide a copy of their N.C. Dept. of Revenue “Certificate of Registration”.

Booth Space

  1. “Market-certified” vendors from Edgecombe, Nash and surrounding counties will be given priority for use of market space. After that, available market space can be offered to any North Carolina and then out of state “market-certified” vendor.
  2. A market space is considered occupied only when both the vendor and products are present.
  3. Vendors will pay the day of the Market or in advance.
  4. Transfer of market space assignments by and among vendors is prohibited.
  5. Vendors will make reservations to be at a given market and then be assigned market space by the market manager on a first-come first-served basis.


  1. The sale of homemade baked goods, candy, jelly, jams, preserves and honey produced by the vendor is generally allowed, provided required inspections and certifications are satisfied.
  2. The sale of ready-to-eat items such as snow cones, cotton candy, sandwiches and beverages is generally not permitted unless approved.
  3. The sale of freshly processed items (fruit juices, etc.) are permitted.
  4. Items or products that haven’t been previously approved need to be brought to the market managers attention for approval.


  1. Each vendor must display a sign that includes his/her name, address and telephone number (i.e. business cards, poster).
  2. For products sold by weight, vendors will provide scales that have been inspected for accuracy by N.C. Dept. of Agriculture, Standards Division. (At her discretion, the market manager may temporarily and briefly excuse a vendor from this requirement.)
  3. Vendors will return unsold products, containers or waste to their homes for proper disposal. Vendors will also be responsible for cleaning their market space at the end of each market day.
  4. The market manager may ask vendors or customers to leave the market building and grounds, if she determines they are disruptive to the atmosphere or mission of the market.
  5. Market manager will not accept personal gifts from vendors, nor attempt to influence product pricing.
  6. Vendors assume all liability arising from the sale or use of their products, displays, tables, equipment and other items that are sold or used on the property of the Tarboro Market and hereby agree to indemnify and hold Tarboro Market and Vendors harmless from any and all liability, claims, loss, cost, damage or expenses (including the cost and expense of defending any claim) arising or alleged to arise out of Vendor’s sale or use of its products or property at the Tarboro Market.

Thank you for reading the Tarboro Market Rules & Regulations! If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please fill out this vendor application.